Sunday, January 2, 2011

what would collect if you could?

hey lovelies feel free to post links so we can see what you would LOVE to collect if you could :)

well apart from the obvious wonderful collection of MONEY - which would be awesome!!!!
[that is one collection i keep having a desperate need to offload to other people lol...darn online shopping!!........i......must.......stop........spending!!!]

here are some links to a just a FEW things that i wish i could collect..........alas no room, no money and probably no HUBBY if i collected all the things i wanted too hehehehe
{well he wouldnt leave me but by god he would sure be CRANKY with me lol}...sad to say this is just a snippet of the LOOOONG list of things on my 'i want to collect' List


Vintage Barbie telephones

Vintage Mattel Tea Party sets

Vintage Mattel Sewing Machines

Vintage Barbie accessories

mmmmmmmmmm seems like i am sponsoring Mattel or something dont it??!!!
i dont even have a Barbie but just love the asthetics of those Vintage little things BUT i am looking for a Vintage Doll house so i guess maybe i could start collecting things to display in there!!
{just dont tell frank!!}

trace xo


  1. Yesterday we went for a Sunday drive to look at the Murray Mouth and then went for a walk along the main street at Goolwa.. For years I have driven past a shop in the main street (The Lolly Shop/Doll Museum) and always meant to stop and take a look, but never had time.. Finally yesterday we did take the time to have a look and it was amazing. It is full of old dolls and toys... Heaps of 1970's Barbie Dolls. It is worth a look if you are ever in Goolwa.....

  2. On my last Op shop trip we went to Moonta and I nearly purchased a similar Singer sewing machine that you have pictured, still in the original box... Unfortunately I was a bit short on cash by the time I found that little gem :(

  3. oh oooooooooh i never had a Barbie BUT a 70's one sounds cool!! {me thinks a trip down to Goolwa with Lil is in order, that way frank wont know how much i spend on COMPLETELY unneeded pretties lol}

    & isn't it always super sad to leave a GREAT find where it is due to a cash always kick yourself after don't you!!