Sunday, January 23, 2011

monthly sewing machine tips

well here is the first of another Monthly segment i will do......... Basic Sewing Machine Tips

Believe it or not my NUMBER ONE TIP is for sewing machine Care & that is to CLEAN & OIL YOUR MACHINE AFTER EACH USE!!!

That is the biggest and best tip i can give & will make your sewing run smoother & more hassle free if you oil all moving parts {sewing machine oil is easy to find in all machine shops & places like Spotlight etc} it is cheap, easy to do and will prolong the life of your machine IMMENSELY!!!!!
Not only that but will cut down on the amount of services your machine will require & lengthen the time between services.
If you can get into a routine after EACH sewing session of not only cleaning up your work surface but ALSO quickly cleaning & oiling your machine so that it is ready to go next time you sew then you will get a much longer life out of you machine {not to mention better stitches}

You may think...well i dont use my machine much so surely i dont need to do this?? but i say YES!!! you do need to do this even if you only use your machine once every six months!!!
It just means u dont have much to clean up & super light oiling but my tip is regardless of how much or often you are using your sewing machine.

How do i do this??

oh it is soooooooo easy............i have a dustbuster handy and that little baby sucks all the fluff out of my machines that have accumulated whilst sewing that day......simply open all compartments that can be opened and get that dustbuster in there.
Then simply oil all the moving parts that you can get to {some are tricky but do your best :P} & you dont have to drown it in oil are simply trying to keep you machine as fresh as it was the day you bought it home :D

Now your machine is all ready for you the next time you sew & even if you have to stick a post it note on your machine reminding you to CLEAN & OIL each use until it becomes habit then you will be rewarded with a smoother running machine with less running costs :)

So my number one tip may not be fancy but it sure will give you less Machine grief in the long run!!!

trace xo


  1. Oh, so much to learn..... Thank you Trace xxx

  2. I had better start oiling.... I have never oiled my machine.. OOOPs

  3. great tip here, I will go check my machine and look where to put the oil... I just had it for a few weeks now, so I am totally new to this. Thank you!

  4. Maaike i will be having tips on sewing machine care & general sewing so keep eye out for that but YES please LIGHTLY oil machine & get rid of DUST after each use