Sunday, January 23, 2011

my sweet dolly of the month

here is just one of my many dolls from my collection that i will showcase each month ..... isn't she just adorable 

INTRODUCING Miss LouLou & i love her sweet look xo

i think i collect them as i didn't have any dolls when i was a kid as i was so into crafting from an early age that i just didnt have time to play with dolls.  So while other kids had a big doll collection as a girl i had every conceivable craft kit going around and even made a doll that i used to then make the clothes for :P

Actually i didnt have many bought toys at all, not because my parents were stingy or anything but simply as i was just not interested......Mum learnt early on that the bought toys didnt get played with but i would craft with anything i could get my hands on :D

So now that i am much older & seem to be going thru my second childhood i collect..... well i seem to collect everything really hehehehe but mainly things i would have been into as a kid in the 70's if i had been abit less crafty :P

trace xo


  1. Trace, did you sew the dress for Miss LouLou?

  2. heheheh no love i didnt but isn't the fabric GORGEOUS!!!
    Would love several 100mts of that fabric :P still after vintage greens chook?? sorry i took so long to get the vintage grab bags done that not sure if you still want some lol


  3. She is adorable,, I used to have one of these dolls : )