Monday, January 3, 2011

sbb fabric designs

a sneaky peak at just a FEW of the fabrics i have designed.....oh i do love them and have such fun whiling away the hours designing them & it makes me so very happy to sew them into cute things :}

Also a BIG thanks to all those who are supporting my return to Sweet Birdie Blue, & my new designs, as you are adding so much to my quality of life to which i am most grateful XO
.... life is truly and utterly inspiring to me right now as i feel i have come back from the beyond to have a second chance at my life, so it is all a wonderful and happy bonus that i cherish daily XO

anyway hope u enjoy the cute shot of a few from my designs
{many more NEW co-ordinating designs in my range coming this week!!}

Oh and is anyone interested in purchasing from me some of my own designed fabric range?
...thinking of maybe adding some for people to purchase :}

trace xo


  1. moi as you know. Going to a green themed patchwork next for my sister, so would absolutely love getting some greens. Have some already, but the more the merrier. Looking at shades of emerald green to light green....will look at anything, Elaine x

  2. absolutely Elaine and i have you down for a green and purple bag LOL
    {i have now sorted them into colour tubs and hubby will shove them in bags and seal them tonight so that i cant stress over what yummy fabrics i am getting rid of hehehe}

    BUT above is cotton fabric that i designed myself & that is what i am thinking of selling on a regular basis.....sadly having my own designs printed isnt cheap but they cant be found anywhere else so that is a bonus LOL


  3. Do you use Spoonflower? I remember coming across them a year ago apparently I got side-tracked in the kitchen and never got back to it LOL Checkout the image I used in my post! the designers have definitely evolved haven't they :)

    Would love to give it a go.... one of these days... where do you find the TIME for all you to, Trace?? omg.. LOL

  4. can you pls spread out the fabric under the blue one which you have been using for yr capes & also the last one on the right - thanks! How much do i owe for the green & purple combo? Thks x

    oh, a tutorial on how to design yr own fabric & get it printed wld be right up my street :)

  5. you designed these???? fabulous! I can't WAIT to stock your clothing in Carrie!!!!

  6. yes J i did :D and i LOVE it....i am addicted to ALL arts & crafts & there just isn't enough hours in the day to fit them all in!!!

    ... & Nikki it is because i only have part time children!! lol

  7. Wow Trace! i was going to ask you where you were buying these gorgeous fabrics, had no idea they were your own! Would definately be interested in purchasing some! Just hope I would be able to do them justice with my limited skills lol

  8. You have me all teary! You are so beautiful and I look at these fabrics and honestly, feels like you are giving us part of you.
    You are such an inspiration and it's so wonderful that you have the strength and the courage to open your heart to all of us who admire you so much.
    Yes,yes, yes I'm interested in your fabric. Ohhh the one underneath our stunning cape fabric, is amazing!! They are ALL amazing!!
    I am in awe of you xox

  9. Gorgeous, you are so creative ♥

  10. I wondered where you got your amazing fabric from?? Watch out Amy Butler, Alexander Henry, Joel Dewberry etc. etc. etc.

  11. heheheh Oh Julie what an amazing confidence you have in me xoxoxox
    & i wish...i would love even 1/20th of their sales lol