Monday, January 3, 2011

op shopping....

hubby and i went out shopping {just for the boring things like food} BUT we came across an op shop .... YAY!!!
Please tell me i am not the only one who gets a little bit hyper at the thought of what 70's goodies i may find inside!!
and so about an hour later we found our way to the cash register with a couple of goodies..... for $45 :}

Prices seem to have gone up a fair bit in the 9months since i have been to an op shop but hey it all goes to good causes so one can't complain too much lol

but i am quite happy with my few little treasures..... now just need to find a cute place to display them - the salt & pepper shakers will be a little bit of statue art but i will sew up a ladies dress with the fabric :P
.......mmmm i feel a display area coming on,  maybe decorated with 1970s wallpaper?!!  :)

1) some vibrant Vintage stretch fabric
2) a GORGEOUS tapestry...i have a small collection of handmade Vintage Tapestries
3) cute little 50/60's salt & pepper shaker
4) a Vintage shoulder press {VERY VERY USEFUL!!!! yay}

trace xo


  1. Hi Trace, LOVE your vintage finds, we love op shopping over here too! We are planning a little trip tomorrow actually. I think a display area with vintage wall paper sounds wonderful too!! x Janelle

  2. I love op shops ( :
    The thrill of the hunt!!

  3. More fabric!!! LOL

  4. i KNOW!!!!!! how wrong is that when i am ment to be scaling down and yet i bought more STUFF home!!!
    but i dont think it counts if the stuff is pretty??!! lol

  5. tut tut tut. now you know we have to blame Frank who took you food shopping then along a garden path to a pot of treasure over the rainbow. hehehe, i so need to go to an op shop soon but one out in the country for some treasured little finds :P

  6. Oh Beautiful Lena if only we lived closer together ... we could go shopping together xo

    & YES is ALL franks fault!!!!!! hehehehe

  7. I love op shopping too such a buzz when you find some goodies!! Found you via Messy Freckle + your newest follower :-)

  8. that would be awesome but THEN who's fault would it be hehehe

  9. ummmmmmmmmmm well we could share blame between the hubbies!!! .......might take me awhile to come up with a logical reason why our hubbies are to blame but i'm sure i could manage it hehehehehe

    {oh Lena we would be dangerous together LOL}

  10. There is around three ops shops in my area that I should check out. Thanks for inspiring me Trace ♥

  11. Speaking of little finds...had to share this one with you!!!

    Look what I just bought for Little Miss Z!!

    Jacqui is a New Zealander living with her hubby and kids in Japan. She makes the cutest little messenger bags for toddlers and big kids and uses Japanese fabrics. Just beautiful:)

  12. OH wow I LOVE the messenger bag!! & won't Miss look totally cute working that bag :)

    mmmmmmmm might have to buy one for myself........what frank, this old bag??, have had it for simply AGES!! lol


  13. see together "dangerous"

    now there is an incentive to get a bag Frank because all full priced items are 50% off

    USAGI50 is the code that gets you 50% off!!

  14. OMG..........look away frank as i might go shopping!!!!