Tuesday, January 4, 2011

my photo booth

here is a photo of my Photo Booth :P

why do i have one??? 

cause where we live is very windy and it just whips around all year long & it used to drive me NUTS...you just cant take good photos of a garment that is twirling around in the wind.....well not with my el cheapo cameras anyway.............for awhile i tried to look at them as interesting action shots - but really they were just VERY BLURRY!!! 
So after tooooo much swearing & frustration tears i said to my dearest Frank that i simply could NOT cope with going back to sbb if i have to continue to take my photos out in the wind!! {oh the Drama Queen came out when i said that lol}
So beautiful Frank did what any loving handy man husband would do and went and built me a little protected booth.......& as he was in cahoots with Lil he managed to surprise me with it because she took me out for the day :D 
Dont you just LOVE THAT!!! xox

Well i must say i LOVE my little Booth and only on the windy WINDY days do i have to bring out the frustrated swearing :P...........but i do the swearing very quietly so gorgy hubby can't hear me :}

ALSO it is built on the side of my little studio so it is nice and handy now to just nip out and take some pretty pics {which is on my Bucket List to do for 2011......take MORE pretty stylised piccies}

trace xo


  1. oh how clever is Frank! and what a nice man he is :)

    Great idea, too. I love taking outdoorsy shots but unless the clothes are on a real-life human child, they don't usually work :)

  2. What a fantastic idea! Well done to Frank, job well done!

  3. very clever!! It's got a roof too so you can even take some in the rain lol!!

  4. wow, you would have never thought that it was windy or you are using el cheapo cameras for your gorgeous pics of your clothes. Frank is truely a handy man. I wish my hubby could do the same.

  5. Umm SO COOL!!!! ha it is just making me smile! So good.