Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a super quick way to change up your home

2 QUICK, cheap and easy ways is...............

 cushion covers and home made artwork
they make major impact for little bucks!!

cushions are THE cheapest way to spice up a room as you just change the covers over and DONE!! i have photos of some i had for sale in 2007 plus one from 2009 & the new ones in late 2010.

Also cushions give you a taste of a new scheme that you can cheaply live with for awhile & see if you are adventurous enough to branch out even further LOL
Being an eclectic kind of gal i never stick to just one theme...i like to mix it up abit and throw in another look somewhere in a room & wall art or cushions are a cheap & super quick way to just add that bit of another flavour.

i have already started working on an e-course on many different types of wall art you can make that is super quick, easy & cheap but with major 70s funky impact :)

trace xo


  1. There they are.. Those amazingly colourful patchwork quilts.. They are all so lovely, I am lucky to have a couple of your amazingly colourful cushions in my home,, and we love them : )

  2. you've got a wonderful eye for colour. Love yr patchwork pillow cases & quilts. Makes me think I shld be doing some things like this. How big are yr squares? 5 inches? Oh, what joy it must be to have a big stash of fabric & this is something I can only hope for. Thks for sharing Trace