Wednesday, January 5, 2011

while i am waiting for Mr Postie......

i just wanted to share with you one of my favourite home grown music artists...oh i have such a girl crush on her :}

check out her website so that you can listen to some of her amazing songs........she is awesome & i am so proud that she is an aussie :)

what aussie music do you like?

trace xo


  1. I am loving Angus & Julia Stone and good ol Mumford&Sons atm,.. easy listening,.and my kiddies know all the words!!! pjxx

  2. BB is awesome! reminds me of PJ Harvey,... (off to source her CD,..),.. which album do you have?

  3. Secrets & Lies.....great variety on the one cd & BTW i also have Mumford&Sons & Angus&Julia Stone lol

    great taste chickie

  4. Ladyhawke (sorta Aussie...NZ?)....except that song...Paris is Burning......It was a little overexposed on JJJ and I would wince everytime I heard it......Ahhhh.......yukkk!
    John Butler.....Perth boy...
    The Audrey's.....The Waifs on antidepressants
    and Pseudo Echo......LOL!!!! (I loved them as a youngun and the Machinations....)

  5. Pip is surely an honorary aussie - have u heard this LadyHawke song MAGIC cool 80's style :P

  6. I love to discover new music to listen too, I’m off to check her out ♥