Thursday, January 6, 2011

sbb Kaleidoscope Range

well as promised i have some more of my designs to show you - thankyou Mr Postie :)

this is all from my 'kaleidoscope' range - and they co-ordinate & cover just about every colour of the rainbow lol
{they also go nicely with my 'granny square' Range}

I am currently designing another entire range {about 8 co-ordinating designs] especially for you that will be available for PURCHASE by the FQ 
{4xFQ make up a yard and will come uncut if purchased all at once}

They will be available in February :D

hope you enjoy them even half as much as i enjoy drawing them :)

trace xo

ps...opps forgot to mention that there is actually another 2 fabrics that go with this range and they feature my cupid as well :)


  1. Wow, blown away by the amazing colours. Can't wait to see the new range in Feb. You're a girl with major hidden talents :)

  2. WWWWWWWWOOOOOOWWWWEEEE! they are gorgeous!!!!! you are so talented my darling, love the designs, love the colour choices. love love love! Can't wait for Feb!!!

  3. Love it all Trace,, very retro, very sbb colourful.. and I love the name of your range too
    kaleidoscope... very appropriate : )

  4. gosh. you are so very clever. lovely,..lovely,..lovely,. ! pjxx