Thursday, January 6, 2011

lots more to come for the week

  still to come this week is 

my top ten Book List

TUTORIAL on dyeing doilys
as asked by Lena - saving this lesson for Sunday xo

more photos of my amazing vintage fabric collection 
- i am STILL washing them and while we thought it would take 12 days of many loads of washing to get thru them all we have revised it to about 21 days!!!!..........holy heck i will need the storage cupboards in the studio PLUS an entire room in my house filled with cupboards!!
I had NO IDEA i actually had this much - ummmmm my Mum had been storing excess Fabrics for me so hubby didnt know how bad it was .... YIKES!!

and i also have more SPECIALS to list and finally will have the SURPRISE Fabric BAGS for you to purchase!

So all that between now and Monday
{& as i am quite the hyperactive Blogger there will no doubt be many more posts to boot lol}

trace xo

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