Sunday, January 2, 2011

outside my little studio

well thanks to my gorgeous hubby i now have some sun protection on my dear little studio :)

how cute is my little veranda looking?
it is still to get last part of its roof and then some decking {which is recycled and looking quite rustic and weathered so i LOVE it!!} and ofcourse i will have to do some gardening in big pots to pretty the deck up but i think it will be a most lovely spot to stop & rest during the sewing workday to have a nice pot of tea.

 i want to hang some beautiful hand crochet bunting under the veranda and across that bare sandstone wall and i simply must find some chinese paper lanterns to hang {how cute will that be}

BUT check out the darn mess everywhere around it.....we grow good DIRT up here {poor lawn died 2 yrs ago with the drought as we couldnt water it}
we are doing all this on tight budget but the good thing about having a farm is that you ALWAYS have useful stuff laying around...the bad thing about a farm is that you ALWAYS have stuff laying around!!!

So pleased it is finally all coming together as we started down this path at beg of 2010 {yeah well that went belly up didnt it!!} BUT a new year calls for a fresh start, so i am happy to be finally getting this project well and truly underway.

The inside will be a surprise & i will wait til it is all completed before i share any pics of it but it is coming along slowly and looking abit 70's funky i must say LOL

i wont want to leave this sweet little studio of mine when we shift...but least i will get something bigger when we do :P

trace xo


  1. Yay,, for you Trace.. It is amazing,, Good Job Guys!!! I love it, and look forward to seeing the inside when you have the final reveal... Renovating is FUN!!!

  2. Julie, did you not SEE the photo of Frank!! he does NOT think renovating is fun!!! hehehehehe

  3. ok just realised photo to small to see his disdain but it is there on his face i assure you

  4. and also the studio is a teeny 3mx4m so i am having to preform major miracles to fit my collection in LOL

  5. Poor Frank,, it's a bit hard to see his disdain,, but he has done a great job.. And he is making you Happy so it's all worth it...
    Happy wife,, Happy Life!!!!

  6. My hubby, Jason, has been spending his Chrissy holidays recycling our old Hills swing set. He is making it into a chicken house.. It is coming along nicely..
    He is not the most handy man but at least he gives it a go... And he feels a real sense of achievement when it is done...

  7. Trace, it's fab and I can totally see your vision with the deck. and how SAD it will be to leave it behind! Maybe get Frank on the job of TRANSPORTING IT! hahahah... sorry Frank :)

    Must say I'm loving your newfound openness and sharing the inside of your life, Trace :)

  8. thanks Nikki.....& yes it is liberating shedding the outer skin and letting you see inside my vulnerable soul :D
    This is my year for BRAVERY!!

  9. looks gorgeous,can't wait to see the finished result!
    sam burnett

  10. love it trace ......looking forward to ceeing the inside.......