Sunday, January 9, 2011

RIP Sherbie xoxox

my dear, dear bunny Miss Sherbie {her post here} has gone to the big clouds in the sky :{

i will miss her sooo much as even tho she could be such a miss cranky pants she was also adorable and very sweet when the mood stuck her.
Sherbie did love a cuddle and also celery leaves & her greatest joy in life seemed to be to scare a few lives out of our cat Miss Poppie.
We will be burying her this eve so i know i will be in tears then when it hits me that she has passed.
Not sure why her time was up & i wished it wasnt.................... i will miss you very much my sweets xxxxxxxxooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

love your mum xoxoxoxo


  1. Oh dear, it is so sad when our little furry friends pass... bye bye Miss Sherbie,, Hugs to you Trace xxx