Saturday, January 8, 2011

my man hard at work

awww look at my dear Frank working away in the stinking heat to get my deck finished :P

It is coming along well but just realised he has run out of beams so cant go much further til a trip to the supply store tomorrow!
So fingers crossed by next weekend i will have a pretty deck to sit on under my cute verandah :}

Also a cranky cockatoo chewed thru the wires to the Studio sometime during the night so now also no power {grrrrrrrrrrr & the cheeky bugger had the gall to still be sitting there this morning lol} another job for my Mr Fix It hubby lol
He is getting rather a long list, poor thing, as for every one he gets to tick off i think i have added 2 more & then a cheeky bird helped make the list longer :{

Anyways i am proud of my HandyMan as he is doing such a great job so will soon be able to throw a little party on my dancing deck :P

trace xo

ps.......i feel bad cause he is slaving away for me & i have spent most of the day in bed crocheting {well sore back and all!! lol}


  1. Awww, you are one lucky gal, what a sweetheart!!

    I have to tell you....I nearly WET myself laughing with the cranky cockatoo!! and he had the GALL to be sitting there this morning OMG that's so funny!!

  2. Oh no what a naughty cockatoo! I bet the deck will look awesome when it's complete, what a wonderful husband you have ☼