Saturday, January 8, 2011

back ouchie

 i have a back ouchie......
i think i zigged when i should have zagged while i was stretching, so that i could attempt the dignified yoga pose of 'scratches ear with foot', and end result is a tweaked back muscle....owie!!
so today there is no tutorial on how to dye......will do that as soon as my back stops twinging with regret :P

i will try a little later to show you a photo of an op shop cutie. She is the first, of what is currently the grand total of one, in a new collection i have started lol..........& poor in the dark hubby thinks she is just one of ONE!!! little does he know that she will breeeeeed :P

trace xo

[photo source] that woman is NOT ME & i think she should get that leg looked at!!!!!


  1. "i think she should get that leg looked at!!!!!" hahahhaha!

    Indeed! My god, if you were trying that position then hat of to ya lady!! My back has never been the same since I sneezed last year & put it out. It's worse than ever now with this extra "festive weight" I'm carrying! It's been christmas for 2 years at Casa Nikki LOL chiro is costing a fortune, so I'm hoping losing 10-15kg and lots of exercise will strengthen my back and maybe THEN I can attempt poses like that!

    Feel better soon. Rest every hour for at least 10 mins.

  2. ouchies!!!!
    that girl's leg has been super imposed ya know!

    i have prescription voltaren, i'll cyber send it to you!

    big hugs and hope you are able to get some rest. no zigging and zagging for today, well, for today at least

  3. Hope your "ouchies" are gone soon honey!