Saturday, January 8, 2011


i would like your honest opinion on prices please :D

i have been doing the sums for selling fabric from my range and realising that it is terribly expensive!!! & may just be way out of everyones price range *sob*sob*

What would you pay per FQ for my designs?? ...& dont worry i will not be adjusting price up to anyones HIGH price as it is expensive enough as is lol

here is my latest range for reference 'kaleidoscope'   'kaleidoscope kewpie'

many thanks :)

trace xo


  1. I've paid up to A$26 a metre for fabric I really want. Have a look on Saffron Craig's web page as to how much she charges for FQs, etc. i'm happy to pay her prices. Hope this helps x

  2. oh thanks cause i was doing the sums and thought no-one in the world would pay that!!! so you have made me feel much less depressed and will go check the site out now, thanks xo

  3. I'd rather pay $20-$30 on fabric I really love than save money and buy something mediocre, plus theres the whole "limited edition" edge to it, sick of seeing the same fabrics everywhere!

  4. oh thanks you have both given me hope as i was starting to panic thinking no-one will buy this and that is alot of money down the drain!! :D