Monday, January 10, 2011

in a cranky

sorry but i am not getting much done as my back is spasming up a storm and is even twitching away while i am stuck here prone in bed!!! Not sure how much longer i can lay here to be honest...,...but sitting is worse.
Anyone know what to do with a back muscle that is going beserk? i have soooooooo much to do and so much i want to do that it is getting on my nerves & i getting very cranky!! :P

still smiling,
trace xo

ps.... i also feel like a right $#@!% complaining when so many are affected by the terrible flooding and constant deluge of rain - i am praying for you all xoxoxox


  1. Get thee to a chiropractor or osteopath, Trace!! :)

  2. um....hellooooo......anti inflammatries with a VODKA infusion and Earth,Wind and Fire!!!!!

  3. oh god where do i get me some anti inflammatries!!! am 1/2 hr away from Drs & we only have one of those wait til a Dr free type clinics so i could be there all day!!! ...sorry in a mood & feeling sorry for myself LOL

  4. i havent had a drink in 10months but heck i am seriously thinking of getting bombed outta my brain!!!

  5. oh no!! anti inflammatory tablets as soon as you can get them.
    do you have a service where the doctor can come to you?
    i'd deliver them personally if i could!
    can the chemist send you voltaren or anti inflam tabs by courier?
    just a thought but they will help.
    a physio or chiro should be able to prescribe voltaren to you as well.
    big hugs my darling

  6. can you get to see a physio?
    ask frank to pick up a tab of off the shelf voltaren first whilst you work on how to get a script for the heavy duty ones :0)
    i feel yr pain as back injuries aren't to laugh about

  7. thanks for all the helpful comments lovelies & i managed after nurofen and lathered in deep heat to sit in chair for a few hours this eve & even got in 2 slow laps around house :P

    if the spasms dont stop by end of week i will go get it checked out even if i am walking around by then

    big kisses,

  8. Hope they end soon my love, back pain isn't much fun at all!