Monday, January 10, 2011

top ten books for 1/2011

 well as you may know i am prone in bed due to back spasms so thought while i can't sew or take photographs etc that i would give you my Top Ten Book List for this month :P

these are not in any order but just as i think of them lol......and to me a good book is something i could read & reread again and again over years
SO that means only books that i could read atleast twice will ever make it to my top ten list!!

1...the time travellers wife - OMG this is an awesome book!!  & def IS my number one pick!!
i haven't seen the movie & will NOT see the movie {nothing against the hunky Eric Bana] just that i will continue to reread this book over the years and i prefer the images in my head to anything a film can come up with...well i would see it if it was a European Film or indeed a British one :P

2....The Host - this is Stephanie Myers first book ....before The Twillight series - & i LOVED it very much  & have read it twice.

3....Enid Blyton books - particularily the Faraway Tree series as i have been rereading them every year since i was a kid :P

4..... The Wheel of Time series .....,.... many many books in this series {which is awesome as i do most love books that i can invest quite abit of time & interest in}
Sadly Robert Jordan has passed so no more interesting books from him {also the last book in the series was written by another author who was a massive fan of the series}

5.....books by Bernard Cornwell - historical based & can be set onboard Pirate ships thru to the latest on King Arthur or Alfred the Great.....i have read all in the Nathan Sharpe series set in the early 1800's & am now reading the Saxon Tales {alfred the great}

6.....Sookie Stackhouse set by Charlaine Harris - a funny light read & some may now of the tv show First Blood {i have seen an episode but did find the acting horrid!!} these books are a great read on a weekend when u want to stay in bed and read all day :D

7........ the Harry Potter set - i have read them all and reread a few already {once again was not into the films and only sat thru the first half they made}

8.....,..the Remains of the day by Kazuo Ishiguro - this is a beautiful & sad read but also a BRILLIANT movie!!! [yes they can apparantly turn books into good movies!!!}

9...Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh......gritty but excellent & written phonetically {in scottish accent} which is hard going at times but well worth it!!

10.....Wire in the Blood - anything by Val McDermid that is about Tony Hill {have read some of her other books not on Tony Hill & to be honest i just didn't like them}

feel free to add any that you have liked and i will do a book list every month as i am always reading something interesting & do love to read each and every day :D

trace xo


  1. My all time favourite is the series by Diana Gabaldon.
    But it is better reading the 2nd book through to the last one first then the 1st book which was released later, Sorry I don't know if that makes sense??

  2. heheheh yes i get that & i LOVE reading books others recommend so thanks heaps for that {will look on Fishpond site now for her as this week is free postage lol}


  3. Great list Trace! I also loved the Host, and cried my eyes out reading that book.