Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Miss Sherbie the ninja bunny

well this bunny of mine has a serious ATTITUDE problem!!! 
we should have named her Miss cranky pants cause she is prone to mood swings....... we are talking 'i want a cuddle' thru to full on attack bunny mode {that girl sure can nip a heel}
mmmm lucky she is so damn cute or she might have been bunny stew along time ago!! :)

here she is looking oh so SWEET........but don't be fooled, can't u see that evil maniacal glint in her eye??!!
what i didn't catch on film was the cat ambush that she did 10 seconds after i snapped this, scared our cat Poppie {who aged about 2 years in 2 seconds} into a vertical lift of about 5 ft :)

Naughty Ninja bunny!!

trace xo

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