Thursday, December 30, 2010

what are you reading?

i am currently on the 3rd book in the Lisbeth Salander Stieg Larsson {sadly passed}
the girl who kicked a hornets nest
i loved the first two
{the girl with the dragon tatoo & the girl who played with fire}
but must say that i am having trouble getting into this 3rd installment!
Not sure why as i can't pin it down to anything but i feel maybe the tone of it is different?...but really not sure if that is it.
I have my fingers crossed that it is just one of those books that maybe just takes abit longer to get into the groove of....then one day it just clicks into place & you end up thinking the book overall was excellent.

I am a voracious reader & missed books greatly as during my first lot of treatment my eye sight went KAPUT and so reading tended to give me headaches so i was limited to only a few pages at a time {& i am used to starting a book & finishing it within the week at the most}
So the minute i started to be able to read more and more pages is when i found out how bloody much i appreciate books!!! .....& i think i have read more in the past 2 months than in the last year LOL

We are lucky to have a good sized Public Library in the nearby town so frank & i are working our way thru them {at an alarming rate!!}...luckily hubby is also very into reading as well & some of my most favourite days are when the 2 of us are curled up together in bed spending many hours reading.
Pure Bliss xo

What are u currently reading & what have you read in the past that you can heartily recommend??

trace xo


  1. I have started reading alot more lately and I'd love some suggestions. I'm reading The World Beneath by Cate Kennedy. I like a mix of books...I just read A Thousand Splendid Suns, which was good.

  2. What about audio books when your eyes were poor? Also books in Oz are too expensive, I use The Book Depository but would rather be supporting a local book shop.

  3. You may have seen the film 'the time travellers wife' but the book is simply DIVINE!!!
    i REFUSE to watch the film {eventho it has the lovely Eric Bana in it xo} as it will take away much pleasure when i reread this book...& i have already read it twice and will read it many more times i am sure!!
    So reading that is a must even if u have seen the film :P......BUT plan to read it when kids in bed or away as it is complicated but once you get into the flow of it you are all set for a cracker of a yarn

  4. HOLY COW i never even thought of audio books!!!!! DOH!!! oh bugger, all those books i could have listened to when i was lying in bed all day feeling sick and sorry for myself.....i will remember that next time. Mind you i have never heard an audio book so might get one and see if i like it :P

  5. also Fishpond sometimes have great deals as you can get used ones from people putting their read books up for sale.
    I am saving for a Kindle so that i can download books and always have on hand many options to read depending on my mood.....also they have ZOOOOOM so i could have read while eyesight cactus LOL

    oh and i will post a list of GREAT reads soon

  6. Thanks I will buy that this week! Let me know your top ten x x