Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 Book Club

i would LOVE for you to join me in 2011 for a BOOK CLUB

we can read a book together and talk about it, or simply add to my book list all the books that YOU LOVE so that others may read them & enjoy them too :D
...let's make 2011 the year of Reading & don't just stick to the Genres you are used to, let's branch out and read something that you would never have tried before as you never know how your tastes change over the years :P
I also plan to read some auto-biographys this year as i really have not spent alot of time reading others lifes stories so think this is the year to read about some interesting people!
Also would love a list of GREAT kids books and even some old classics {massive Enid Blyton fan myself lol}

So i will have a BOOK CLUB page in my Nav Bar soon so feel free to check it out and add YOUR fav books to it............let's get reading everyone & it doesn't matter if you are a fast reader or more of a plodder or one who only gets to grab a few minutes to yourself every now & again to read!!

trace xo

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  1. my favourite book series of all time is the 'outlander' series by diana gabaldon.she has written 8 so far(waiting impatiently for the 9th!)
    they are about a woman called claire who walks through a standing stone circle in scotland,goes back in time+falls in love with a young scottish highlander.LOVE,LOVE,LOVE them!
    sam burnett(belleviolette rubyrose)