Sunday, June 12, 2011

creamy coconut vanilla rice pudding

 and to carry on with the rice pudding theme ....

This version of rice pudding is dairy free, gluten free and vegan, and the Thermomix makes it so simple and quick.
this is sweetened with Rapadura, which is why it's a darker colour than what you may be used to. The Rapadura gives it a lovely, slightly caramel flavour - much nicer than the bland, super-sweet taste of refined sugar!

If you don't have a vanilla bean, you can just add vanilla bean paste or vanilla extract to the ingredients in step 2.

1. In your Thermomix, grind up the Rapadura and vanilla bean for 1 minute on speed 9:
- 60g Rapadura
- 1 whole vanilla bean, snipped in pieces

2. Scrape down lid and sides and add remaining ingredients. Cook for 18 minutes at 100 degrees, reverse, speed 1 1/2. If it starts to bubble out the top, turn it down to 90 degrees for a few minutes, then back up to 100 degrees.
- 200g arborio rice
- 400g organic coconut cream
- 600g water

3. The rice pudding will still be quite runny - don't worry, it thickens after a few minutes. You can pour it straight into a serving dish and leave it for 5 minutes before serving, and it will be perfect.

ps... we also added some plump sultanas to our bowl that i soaked while pudding was cooking & also grated fresh nutmeg onto it :)

sourced from here but tasted by ME :P

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  1. ps..... we did just use brown sugar & tasted just fine to us :P