Thursday, June 9, 2011

drum roll...............

drum roll please...................... i can now reveal ONE of the many changes coming to SBB
.....excited??!! i know i sure am :)

i am chuffed beyond belief to introduce to you the newest member of the SBB team...... Julie Oliver ---yes thats read correctly - sbb is no longer a one woman show!! [YAY!!!] 
I am so delighted to be expanding sbb but more importantly now we can offer you the awesome service that you deserve 
{after all i have been blessed to truly have the BEST and most wonderful of customers & so you deserve the VERY best in return xox}

I first came to know the wonderful Julie thru SBB as she quickly became a regular customer...such a lovely & supportive chickie - so now i am SO delighted to Welcome her into the fold & i will let her tell you more about herself in her own words :)
A bit about me…. [Julie Oliver]

I was born in 1967,, so I was a part of the 70’s and grew up in a pretty little town at the foothills of Adelaide.  I have spent most of my life here, one day I may experience my dream to spend some time living in the tropics…

For now I am enjoying my life being a Mum to my 17 year old daughter Megan and my 7 year old daughter Jade.. I am lucky to have a wonderful supportive husband Jason as well as a very loyal golden retriever x Buddy, we also have a budgie and 15 goldfish…  I love being at home with my family.. We have an open door to all of the children’s friends and often have people coming and going in our home… I love that my kids have grown up in the country in a safe environment having fun playing outside in the neighborhood riding bikes, exploring and making up their own games with the neighborhood kids…

I love handmade children’s clothing and toys and I guess that is how I came across sweet birdie blue and I just love what Trace makes she is so clever and always evolving… I really love the use of vintage fabrics and the fact that this clothing is all so unique and colorful and that it can be custom made to suit your own particular taste…

I also love Monsoons and Mangoes and evie green pixie too…  I have been a customer of all of these creative sellers and enjoying checking out their new creations…

I really enjoy making things and enjoy abstract painting, in the past year or so I have been dabbling in sewing… I really get a great satisfaction from making my own creations and give most things away to family or friends as gifts…

I look forward to working with Trace, and feel so privileged to be given the opportunity to be a part of sweet birdie blue…

So now you know half of the sbb Surprise & i know you will Welcome the lovely Julie as wonderfully as you have welcomed me into your lives xox

ps...a special note from me to Miss Julie..... you know how utterly stoked i am to be working with you Julie and i cant wait to see what we create together & i know that you will enhance SBB so very VERY much & i am grateful that you agreed to come work with me xoxox

the other SBB secret is still be worked thru but rest assured that will be revealed in due course 
[& that news is just as exciting i promise!!}

so it is smiles from us,
trace & julie xo


  1. how exciting for you both. And the lovers of SBB, too. Congratulations, ladies! :)

  2. I am so looking forward to working with Trace and look forward to being a part of sweet birdie blue... I feel very privileged to have this opportunity know that we will have a lot of fun together!!! Birdie smiles from me xoxoxo

  3. and i can't wait & it has been the best idea EVER!!!! YAY so freaken HAPPY xoxoxoxoxoxox