Sunday, June 12, 2011

cubby house

everyone needs a cubby house/treehouse/fort...i dont care how old you are!! 
i grew up making 'forts' inside the house & outside & i would spend hours in there just reading.
SO i recommend that even tho you maybe grown up you need to indulge yourself in a little 'fort' building as it is so good for the soul
[or go spend some time by yourself in your kids cubbyhouse!]



  1. We spent last week at our daughters. The kids wanted to 'camp' outside in the tent, the bugs won so we moved the tent inside. Everyone had a grand adventure!

  2. fantastic cubby finds - my children have a cubby out the back that my dad built them.

  3. I have the over the table cubby on my to do list.. I must do it soon before my Jade gets too old to want to play in one... All of your cubby house finds are amazing... I especially love the tree we used to play in a pepper tree when I was younger pretending to be in the Far Away Tree,, Ah the memories ;)

  4. Julie my fav when i was a kid was that we had part of our orchard & gum tree 'forest' cut down to make way for a huge dam & the bulldosers just pushed the trees to one side & so my bro & i made cubbycaves in under the pushed over trees [now i shudder to think of all the spiders & snakes we somehow avoided] :P