Saturday, January 1, 2011

what do you collect?

i have a love of interesting things of the past that have another life now more as an artistic display

...just like these cool Pez Dispensers..... dont they look awesome when displayed together?!

even just a few randomly placed together on a coffee table are a great starting point for a conversation {not to mention that they are just super kitschy CUTE!!}

what collections do you have or want to start collecting?

i know some collections don't get started til kids are older due to either their busy fingers {let's say a pez dispenser might just find itself jabbed up a kids nose with no-one owning up to Who did the jamming!~! lol} or indeed the rather decadent amount of money that some collections may require.

I plan to collect many things in the future, even tho it will be on a TEENY TINY SCALE...not sure if 3 counts as a collection?? lol

good luck in your collecting adventures....sometimes the thrill of the hunt is enough :P

trace xo


  1. omg, you are going to start me collecting these!!!

  2. vintage wooden shoe lasts. i am obsessed with them!

  3. hmmmmmmm not sure if that is good or bad Lena.... :P

    J if i come across any i will grab them for you!


  4. I have been collecting Sea Glass,, this started a few years ago when I was walking along the beach in Darwin.. There was heaps of it.. But the best seaglass comes from England as it is older and more rounded than the seaglass you find here.. There is a real history behind each piece..
    Sea glass also known as beach glass, mermaid's tears, lucky tears, it has been tumbled and smoothed by the water and sand, taking many years to create.
    Sea glass may be something of an endangered commodity In the 1960’s, plastic began to replace glass in many consumer products; the 1970’s recycling movement shamed citizens out of littering. In many areas, the supplies of sea glass are vanishing.........

    I love walking along the beach finding these little beach jools..

  5. and they sure are beautiful as that book mark you made for me is cherished and used everyday and is so PRETTY...carries me away to the beach xoxox