Saturday, January 1, 2011

and what do you want from a blog?

a question for you sweet birdies.........

One of my MAJOR goals for 2011 is that i want to make this the best blog that it can be & i need your help to do this is a call out to you all on what you would like from me & my blog xo

SO.......what is it that you would like to see as possible future blog posts??
Any ideas on what you would like to read about here or that you want ME to talk about?
a regular feature that i can do perhaps?

options that i offer only my blog readers??

...also anyone interested in an e-course of any sort?
{fee will be reasonably priced}
& if so what would you like to learn about? :)

feel free to post ANY SORT OF IDEA or question and lets see where it takes us :D

BIG BIG smiles for participating,
trace xo

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  1. Hi gorgeous girl!
    I have no experience with blogs but what I can tell you is that so far, I love reading yours so far.
    Its nice to be able to sit down at some point during the day and catch up with you on what you're up to. Would love to see pics of your daily finds, fabrics, tips, and yes, ecourses would be awesome!
    For instance, I'd love to learn to dye doilies. I'm sure you would be a wealth of information and it would be great to teach us newbies a thing or two.
    Maybe even share with us some things that inspire you, daily finds of things you love..that kind of thing.
    Regular feature...maybe once a week share some useful tips. ie could be on sewing with knits, basic techniques that you use, how to treat vintage fabrics.that kind of thing. Without being nosey, love to see what vintage finds you are buying, fabrics and of course the beautiful 70's wallpaper!
    Whatever you decide to write about, it will be great and I'd love to read!

  2. i agree with Lena! I love reading about 'discoveries',.... i always find that inspiring. pjxx

  3. THANKS for helping me out beauties xo
    & Lena i shall have my first "how to" on your interest ... how to dye doilys etc - so stay tuned for that this week AND i have an op shop post as well - YAY!!

  4. You are super awesome!
    Can't wait and thanks so much for sharing your wisdom with us all :))

  5. Wow,, I just found this Trace,, I would love to do an e-course with you.. This past year I have been dabbling with a bit of sewing and also had a few lessons with a local seamstress... You have so much knowledge and I love your creations I would be interested in learning from you.. So for me a sewing e-course in making kids clothes would be what I'd like to see.. And I'm a tutorial junkie.. I love them mainly the sewing related ones..

  6. ok Julie consider it done...i will start writing an e-course on sewing for kiddies :D
    Will put you down for a spot LOL