Wednesday, January 26, 2011


yay i am off for 2 weeks as of next week!!

oh i am so happy & in need of a break as i am soooo totally exhausted.
So i will have one week away with my wonderful mum for complete R&R & another week home where i will catch up around the house with all the jobs that need my attention!!

Been on full steam for too long & so suffering with bad allergies & other stuff so i very much need a break away from my routine.

Mum & i will head off for just a nice quiet week at a pretty little Caravan Park that has lovely walks around it and is nice and peaceful where we shall just chat, laugh, eat, stroll, craft, read, watch some tv and NAP!!! lol {and NO shopping and No computer!! YIKES}

second week involves house spring cleaning so not fun but i am way behind on!!

trace xo

[photo source here]........oh how i wish mum & i were off here for a week {or 6} but sadly Caravan Park is what is within the budget lol

ps...... i will be busy from now til then getting all orders out {except for the Custom Blanket which i will take away with me} ..... so if you are waiting on me to finish your order then rest assured it will be finished before i head off on holidays next week xo


  1. trace... i do hope u and your mum hve a wonderful time ....i love going to caravan parks well trace where do i pay 4 my pillow ....thank you louise

  2. thanks so much Louise & i have just sent out all the emails to the winners so you should get yours soon

  3. Sounds like heaven, enjoy your time away ♥

  4. Hi there Tracey, lovely blog and enjoy the so-welcome-holiday! Love, Maaike

  5. thanks ladies.....soon i will be sipping iced tea by a little Caravan Park pool hehehe

    & welcome Maaike {what an interesting name!!}


  6. Oh have a lovely time!!! Wish it was me. There is more about what i was sewing on my other blog :-)