Tuesday, January 25, 2011

half way

well i am now officially halfway thru crocheting all the granny squares for a Custom Double Blanket.....so many squares...so much crocheting!!! :P

best part still to come which is crocheting all the 100's of big & little squares together 
{coincidentally it is also the worst part really as sooooooo fiddly BUT i get to see the blanket take shape and grow which i LOVE...not to mention seeing all the rainbow of colours come together}

Next photo i show you of this will be of the finished blanket....can't wait for that, altho that is still a way off considering halfway thru crocheting the squares means the blanket is still only one third completed

.....always sad to see the blankets go off to a new home as they take so much love & dedication to get them made BUT it also makes me smile to think of all the giggling & cuddling that the blankets bring & share :)

trace xo

ps....also notice photos taken on the cute step to the new deck!! & also notice my cute chalk speech bubble that i made {tutorial here} :P

pps.......also am trying out some more dye brands this week for my cotton crochet yarns & giving the washing machine one a go!!! so will let you know how they go :P 

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  1. Looking good, loving the colours and cute little chalk boad ♥