Friday, January 7, 2011

how to - chalk speech bubble..part one

here is Part 1.....a tutorial on how to make the cutest chalkboard speech bubble :D

i have 2 varieties - one is a cloud shape & will be used in my photo booth to save me photoshopping in my SBB logo onto - the other is to hold during photographs with cute messages on it :P

...otherwise is great just on a wall or door {put it on your front door with a happy greeting to visitors lol}
When you see photos later of my studio renovation you will notice that chalkboards in many forms are a BIG feature & they also are a big feature in my home {they are sooooooo useful...more uses later}

{part one - i have photos completed up to step 4a...part two will have the completed photos}

Time : will take about an hour & half BUT with 24hrs in between coats!!
what you need:
piece of MDF {3-8mm} approx A4 size
sandpaper & sanding block
paint brush/roller
white primer & chalkboard paint {TURPS}
hanging means or dowel for hand held version

if neither you nor your partner is a handy-person type then maybe ask you local hardware store to cut it out for will pay double but hey it is easy lol {but draw out your shape on a piece of paper as a template & take it with you}
otherwise get out your jigsaw and follow along......look i realise some may not have a jigsaw {sorry us country folk have every tool imaginable} but maybe you have a regular handsaw???

1) use the pencil to trace out the shape you want onto your MDF

2) carefully cut out you shape using the jigsaw {dont forget to clamp down & take it will be sanding edges so dont have to cut perfectly along lines but best to stay on outside of line cause you can sand down to line but you cant sand up LOL}........a handsaw will take alot longer & be much rougher so step no 3. is very crucial if you are using this method

3) take your sandpaper {coarse grade first} & put it on your sandblock and start hand sanding around the edges of your speech bubble til you like the shape of it .....swap to a finer grade of sandpaper and give final sand around edges so that it is nice and smooth

4a) now it's time to paint your bubble .... primer first or the chalkboard black will flake off, let dry for 24hrs..... i have completed to this stage in photos :P

4b)now use your chalkboard paint-you will need several coats and a fine roller will give you a nice even smooth coverage but you will need a paintbrush to get into the two corners...don't forget to paint the sides!
NOTE: this is ENAMEL based so clean your brushes & you with TURPS!!!

5) once fully dry turn it over and attach your means of hanging it {best advice is check with your local hardware store for the best hanging method for your walls}
For the hand held attach the dowel to the back {i have just super glued it with my trusty E6000 - sticks ANYTHING!!}

6) Now chalk your speech bubble & go take some cute photos :)

i have found that chalkboards are the best thing going and can be used anywhere, they not only are CUTE but so very practical!!! I have them in my studio, Frank has them in his man shed, our pantry doors in the kitchen are all blackboards.
..... i have several in my studio for fun & also my studio door is painted in chalkboard paint so that i can write orders/to do list/ etc on it
{& the hand held ones look sooooooooooooooo adorable!!!}

So i think Chalkboard paint is the new black!! :P

trace xo


  1. Thank you! We do have a jigsaw so that's a start! When I make one - will send you a photo!

    k8 (k8tography)

  2. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!
    i look forward to it as these look soooooo cute with some one holding it in a photo with a fun message!!!

    trace xo

  3. very cute and novel idea!
    hmm. my boy needs a jigsaw. can i convince him to get one lol

  4. oh it is crucial in any mans world!!!! question is how has he managed without one??? hehehe :P