Friday, January 28, 2011

FB 200 liker giveaway

here is the 200 'liker' giveaway on sweet-birdie-blue FaceBook.... is it interesting??..cute?? ..ugly??

i love it but realise not everyone's cup of tea LOL so to be in the running for this i am asking people to LIKE the photo on FaceBook

that way i am ensuring that whomever gets randomly picked from the photo 'likes' will actually want this unusual necklace....seems a shame to just randomly pick from the over 200 SBB 'likers' & end up sending the necklace to someone who thinks it is so not them :P

i would wear it anywhere & everywhere but then again i am a chick that stands out with my unusual clothes whereas apparently some prefer to blend with the crowd hehehehe...go figure :P

anyways like it on Facebook if you want to be in the running to win this SBB dreamcatcher necklace
[hand crochet with hand dyed 100% cotton yarn with beads and has a funky Vintage centre flower & bead...simply ties at back of neck xo]

trace xo

ps.........hoildays only a few sleeps away for me now & i am excited about chillin out for abit - feel quite burnt out at the moment but i know that a week away will have me bouncing back with much passion for SBB xo


  1. I love it. it reminds me of peacock feathers,... pjxx

  2. I like it, I think it's very pretty. I love the colours ♥