Sunday, June 19, 2011

tiny with a small footprint [& i mean TINY!!}

well time to share a secret with you........ i long to downscale & live a simple & far more self sustained lifestyle ... to put my entire life on a diet so to speak :P
I have been trying to convince hubby that it is time to greatly downsize and give 'small' living a real go [he ofcourse is resisting the idea greatly lol...but i am nothing if not persistant]
Think Gypsy living but on our own 200 acre property ... ofcourse i need my very own Gyspsy van just for SBB [oh Julie i will be able to bring my studio to you hehehehe]

As you may know we will be self-building our new home this year & so i thought perfect time to build a tiny home & see how we go....hell we have lots of land so we can always add on if it turns out to be a nightmare haha
This ofcourse is the very reason Frank says "why???!!" to his thinking it seems odd to have so much land & yet have such a tiny footprint on it. I on the other hand think it would involve great personal growth & a going back to the basics of life...a simplicity that seems to be going by the wayside alot in this busy age.

In the house we are building we agreed that we needed to downscale BUT he had no idea that i ment a TEENY TINY house that could be MOVED!! [it is built on a flatbed trailer ] Needless to say when Frank discovered my true plans he was horrified & still cant believe that i am serious or he is wondering if i have gone and finally lost my mind :P

His other complaint [ok i should really say that he has about 100 complaints on why he doesnt want to do this but i will just give you the key ones lol] is that we could build a 'proper' house with the same budget...which i must admit is somewhat true - but i am not one to let a whole lotta truth get in my way of a vision hehehe.....Oh & his final complaint is that i always seem to find things for him to do which involve alot of building [which means swearing] -well DUH!!! what do u think building a house is??!!
Oh and i forgot that he doesnt like camping or caravaning so he thinks this is just like camping but costs a heck of alot more than a tent & requires alot more effort LOL & as we already have a caravan then why dont we just live in that!!! [not quite the point sweet Frank xox]

Well due to my being such a good whiner [as far as he is concerned lol] i will persist in my endeavors to live stay tuned as i hope some of this blog will be about our endevours in the 'tiny' house' movement xo

ever hopeful smiles,
trace xo

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