Sunday, May 29, 2011

where have you traveled too??

sooo much going on at the sweet birdie blue tree house that i am giddy with excitement yet also tired as all get out - never seems to be enough sleep going on here :P


I am hanging out til September when Ma & i are off for a much needed break in Hawaii for 24 nights..... i have wanted to go for ages [hubby does not like travelling ...SAY WHAT!!??!! so i always have to convince someone else to go away with me lol]
luckily my dear Ma is also a keen traveler so we save and save & off we go..............

Already thinking of where to go next???? Borneo maybe [Ma would prefer Singapore i think lol]...mind you there are so many places to see that it is hard to choose - maybe draw a place out of a hat??Always liked the idea of Morocco :P

Feel free to let me know where you have been & what you would rec to two women who are NOT into danger. 
We have a friend who is an Mad adventure seeker...lets just say we dont want to go where he goes cause we are mild mannered gentle women who are not going to be taking up splunking or free diving etc etc ya Paul but it aint gonna happen!!!! :P - well unless you call swimming with dolphins a wild adventure [NO?...probably not haha]

tell me your travels stories as i am keen to hear
trace xo


  1. No wild travel stories from me because I am a bit of a chicken and have always taken the safe road,, but I did venture to Java about 13 years ago with one of my best friends, Heather. It was our first ever overseas trip, we had a ball... It was a real eye opener for both of us!!! One week in Java and then a week in Bali on the way home,, it was a very special and memorable holiday.. My dear friend Heather has since sadly passed away at the age of 41,, which makes the memories that I have of my first overseas holiday even more special...........
    I really believe that holidays big or small are so important because of the quality time shared with loved ones or time just spend recharging our own batteries,,, so bring on September for you and your Ma,, and November for me and my family,, we are off to Bali for 2 weeks...
    I am so looking forward to the break xxx

  2. Oh heck that is sad love [so young!!] but lovely that you had an adventure with her as they are good memories xox
    Oh i LOVE Bali as hubby and i have been there many times to celebrate our anniversary [we also honeymooned there] Will be nice for you to also enjoy Bali with your family..... bliss xo
    Yes bring on September!!! [tho i have never spent more than 3 nights away from Frank [at any one time] in 21yrs of marriage so that will be interesting