Thursday, May 26, 2011

SBB has got a SECRET!!!

such EXCITING NEWS to come for SBB...... i can hardly contain myself!!!

i am in secret mode BUT it will mean BIG changes to SBB!!!! 
& i tell you i simply can't wait as it is a much needed change that i have been mulling over for awhile now But can't believe that it will soon be a reality instead of just a DREAM :)

SBB is a passion of mine but as you may know i have been struggling for the last year or more with an illness that has sadly ment i have very much neglected many duties with SBB 
[which has bothered me greatly but sadly i just didnt have the energy to do it any better]

Now i have renewed energy and will get all past works completed & out of this HOUSE!!!
....then move on to next exciting phase for SBB

........................... so stay tuned & hopefully you will be as excited about it all as i am 

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