Monday, February 14, 2011

whats next from sbb

well this year i am branching out into other loves of mine......

 i have found that i now need to adjust how i do things as my new work schedule is alot limited time wise & sometimes there are things i just can't manage but still like to keep as busy as i can in the art/craft world :)

So i think if i just do abit each week of each craft that i love then surely i can still produce sweet things for sale but still keep my body intact for aslong as i can.............well that is the plan anyway BUT i have learnt that plans mean nothing to the body!!! hehehe

First up is some sbb jewellry {oh i do love making jewellry as some i can even make when i am forced to lay in bed all day....well the crochet ones anyway LOL}.... so will have some for sale soon :)

So expect to see less SBB items for sale BUT more variety AND i will make each one very special and unique so that it will have been worth waiting for :P

I will still take custom orders but please bare in mind that sometimes they take much longer than i would like...i just never know on any given day/week how my body will be holding together :(
IF you need anything urgently then i will do my absolute best or let you know if some of my wonderful & creative friends could get it done for you quicker than i :)

I so appreciate all your ongoing support as it means the absolute world to me - i was so worried that i would have to shut down SBB simply because i couldnt compete in the same way as i have in the past but fingers crossed i will still be able to make my sbb goodies but make them MORE special one offs as they will be more scarce LOL

trace xo


  1. Oh my goodness!! Look at the yellow one with the deer on it!!! DIVINE!!!!!

  2. They are all so lovely,,, I love how your creations are so bright and happy : )