Wednesday, February 16, 2011

new look

well i am so happy with my new look..... my birdie is sooo cute :)

Work was done by the lovely Amber from Sprout graphic Design & she works super fast & is super talented {& only 23!!!!} - i can heartily recommend her!!

my new birdie reminds me of a cross between a 70's folk style pidgeon & a dodo that might sound like an insult but it so isn't because i happen to feel a connection to both LOL

So now i have a new look to go with my new life....... i may not be able to work as frantically as i used to BUT i feel much more inspired about life in general & am loving it now i have come to terms with it all :)

trace xo


  1. Oh! Bless your little birdie! I think she needs a name,.. hmmm,...there's a competition for you! xx

  2. oh heck what a great IDEA!!!!!
    well done J