Wednesday, February 9, 2011

new addition to our family xo

look at the little furry SURPRISE i got when i came home from  my week holidays!!!

dearest softie Frank had rescued a little bundle of cuteness that had gotten stuck in a cactus bush & was severely dehydrated & near death......but look at him now!!!

We named him/her Cactus {what else} and we think kitty is about 5 weeks old.

It has taken Cactus all of 2 days to fit in at our home like he was born here 10 yrs ago hehehe
Cactus is a character and a half & sooooooooo CUTE!!!!....he/she is getting pampered complete with heating pad  {awwwwwwwwww}
He has had 2 baths already to get rid of his fleas & he is soooo soft & loves to cuddle into my neck :)

trace xo


  1. Hello little Cactus,, you look very content,, Lucky for you Frank found you : )

  2. hehehehe Julie our lil Cactus has fit right in to our insane clan...& big kisses to frank for being a BIG SOFTIE!!!
    {ummm he was the one who said only about a month ago ... "NO MORE PETS!!!" - well then Frank stop bringing them all home!!!}