Thursday, February 10, 2011

fabric sell off

incase u don't know i am selling off Bundles of Vintage Fabrics....... i can't sew as fast as i used to & i wouldnt be able to go thru the vast fabric stash i have in 2 lifetimes!!!

So to my dearest hubby's DELIGHT i decided that i will share them with you all as i know you are always looking for interesting Vintage fabrics in a great variety of patterns/colours.

I am selling them off in Bundles otherwise i would just be taking photos & listing individual pieces all day long!!!

So there is usually a variety of about 10 different fabrics in each pack...and i have tried to make them all different & include a selection of colours & patterns AND also a selection of used and unused.
I will put some extra scraps in each bundle when they are being posted!!!

There should be enough in each pack for you to make something interesting & perfect for patchwork clothing/quilts/bags/hats etc........

so go check them out as they are $20 + post
I can fit 3-4 Bundles in each 3kg Satchel {aus only} so you only have to pay for one 3kg Satchel & i will fit in as many as i can without u paying anymore for postage!!

trace xo

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