Tuesday, January 18, 2011

sbb photo 1970s Keepsake dress

well i am so happy with how well this dress turned out - i LOVE it and so does Miss Ivy {how cute does she look!!}

Miss Ivy's mum had taken this gorgeous photo of her wearing an SBB outfit and i thought how great she would look wearing a dress with her own photo on it!!
It was a BIG hit with her {YAY} and she does look so cute ♥
Luckily Miss Ivy's mum is a professional photographer lol so it made it easy to make the dress look so good when i was starting with an already adorable photo of Miss Ivy xo

If you would like to order your very own sbb 1970s PHOTO Keepsake dress for your sweetie or a sweetie you know then i am taking orders right now....all sizes are available.

 You will need to provide me with SEVERAL different photos that you LOVE in good resolution & i will work up the photos that i think will work the best & give you a choice before they are printed as i want you to be over the moon with your dress & hopefully keep it as a keepsake after Miss has grown out of it :P
Please be aware that these are non-refundable as i cant very well resell the item to someone else with your sweeties photo on it lol

ALSO photos of your animals are great OR your sweetie with her fav toys & i can add writing of her age when photo taken along with her favourite things that year etc
For BOYS i can do the image on pants or cushions etc :)

I will be working on a Collage Cape & also a Collage Quilt for Miss Gracie with all my fav photos of her so will share photos of those as i get them done xo  {you can order those too lol}

trace xo


  1. What a cute idea, I know Evie would like one with Daisy on it !! x x

  2. You are a genius! What a dress. How awesome would it be to have a style to fit for many seasons as she grows not to mention, something that can be put away for her little girl someday. LOVE it xox
    I'm sure Zoe will want one of her with her most beloved little Teddy!

  3. awwwwwwww how adorable Miss Zoe & her teddy!!!

    & Rebecca... Daisy is so cute that she will forever be immortalised on Miss Evie's dress xo

    Ladies feel free to send some good photos for me to look at & see if they will work well


  4. Wow, that's stunning! If I didn't have three lots of school fees, uniforms, shoes, books etc I would place an order for one straight away ♥ will you still be making them in a couple of months time?

  5. YES Kelly the photo Keepsake Dress will be a standard of mine so whenever you are ready .... oh & i know how great it will look as your photos are amazing!!! xox

  6. Oh wow.. that is just amazing! Clever chook!! :)

  7. I'd love to order one - where do i sign up? :) Vx


  8. Thanks Vanessa & i will email you tomorrow with details :D

    smiles xo

  9. WOW this dress is so Unique,,, Just darling,, genius you are : )