Sunday, January 16, 2011

more crochet lovelies

well here is a quick snap of pieces of another crochet blanket i am working on at the moment

this one is a Custom Order {thanks Kirsten xox} & i am LOVING making it...lots of pretty shades
 with big and small granny squares that will end up a double bed sized blanket.

this is made from 100% Cotton that i bought white and have dyed to lovely different shades of pink, purple, green, light aqua, raspberry, lemon, yellow & orange.
I have yet to include all the colours of yarn that i dyed & will show more photos as i add those colours in :)

So this is one of the things i do when i am not sewing :P

If you like this you can order your very own in the colours that you like!!

trace xo


  1. Wow WOW! I love it so far looks great - what is the cost for something like this? Thanks

  2. Looks so amazing, what beautiful colours. Make me what to get my crochet hook out and make one too ♥

  3. thanks ladies :D

    a double granny square blanket is $360 + PH and is made from hand dyed COTTON 'blanket weight' Yarn which makes it snuggly soft & yet incredibly hard wearing!
    It takes many weeks for me to make these blankets with days of hand dyeing and then many MANY days of crocheting.
    I make single size, lap size, cot size, pram size, picnic size, double, queen & king!