Monday, January 24, 2011

i need sleep

i am s o o o o o o o o o tired ............ i just have not been sleeping well & even with adding in a daily nana nap i still am not feeling refreshed & tend to drag myself thru the day

i need some quality shut eye for sure

anyone have any old fashioned remedies for allergy sufferers?? is this that keeps me awake or constantly wakes me up during my sleep - darn allergies!!

i wish could always sleep the beautiful sleeps i have when my world is 100% right........ then my sleep seems perfect & i can tackle the world & even fight small crimes but that could be me looking back thru rose coloured glasses & also i am in a moody delicate sleep deprived state so tending towards hulicinations :P

OH i wish i could have a sleep like my animals seem do they manage to look soooo blissful during sleep? They chase animals in their dreams & STILL get up bouncy happy straight from a nap??!!!
meanwhile i feel like i am being dragged backwards thru a briar patch while someone is chasing me & hurling bricks at me {mutter mutter} :P

beautiful peaceful cuddly sleeeeeeep i am calling to you.......please answer with a few nights of restful uninterupted sleep please
{& not to be pushy but could we please make it sometime real tonight for example?!!}

trace xo

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  1. Oh, I can't believe hot CUTE these animals are!!!
    I don't know if you've tried it yet, but having a humidifier in the room helps me breathe better/ sleep better.