Monday, December 27, 2010

& what does Gracie get for xmas??

ummmmmm well ofcourse it wouldn't be Christmas if she didn't get an sbb dress.... after all lots of other kids got sbb clothes lol
it always makes me laugh that she still acts surprised to be getting a dress & it is a Christmas tradition that she wears it to the relos Christmas tea :)
the new MasterChef??

& also getting a BIG xmas hug from her aunty Son xo

and a BIG cute bear from step nan Gelinda

hope you had a lovely Christmas time :)

trace xo


  1. Aw Trace, she's such a doll and wow, the dress, just gorgeous!
    I'll show Miss Z Gracie's panda, she will love it that someone else loves panda's too :)

  2. She is gorgeous Trace. Gracie looks very Happy with all of her Christmas gifts...

  3. Miss Grace is my much adored niece & although i treat her like my own dear girl she is sadly not my own to keep day i will share with you all my deeply personal story on my long & painful journey down the 'trying to have a baby path' xo