Monday, December 27, 2010

and still more washing....

still the washing goes on...... hubby estimated that at the rate of daily washing of fabrics that i will be finished in 12 more days!!!!!! can u believe that!!!!
and i shan't tell you that i have already offloaded 2 tubs full to people & also sold a huge amount wholesale early in the year {OMG}
ummm can anyone say ADDICT or me thinks HOARDER!!

oh & look at my dearest hubby Frank bringing in the washing for me,  isn't he a wonderful fellow XO
{truthfully he also hangs it out for me as i find it too draining ... he is the BEST of hubbys}

i have some purples in the next load ....... i LOVE PURPLE!!!

trace xo


  1. i'm looking for purples now too as my eldest has now decided that it's her favourite colour. Gone are her pink days.... Can't wait to see what's hanging next on yr washing line

  2. So beautiful. I *love* watching swathes of fabric or pretty sheets drying on the line :)

    PS: you're reminding me of how sadly neglected my poor blog is! haven't updated in AAAAAAAAAGES.