Tuesday, July 5, 2011

OMG sbb has a brand new office space!!

well after too many moves to count i have finally secured a permanent home for SBB!!
and i have a constant power stream so you cant imagine how chuffed i am [solar is awesome but i am SOOOOO ready to just stick lots of plugs into the sockets and have them all on at ONCE!!!..all day, every day!!!!!!!!]

Anyways i am also super excited as Miss Julie starts work with me on friday & i just know it will be just AWESOME to work along side her......cant wait :D

Oh and my offices are brand spanking NEW.... never been used and so they all pristine [& smelling slightly of new paint lol] & off street parking!!
Every thing is falling beautifully into place so i feel just like my new office in that i feel brand new & am shedding my old sickly recent past & ready to run full steam ahead to a bright, healthy & happy future xoxox

I will share pics as i get it all set up..............gosh i will be able to create whatever space i want to spend 5 days a week in :)
Hubby has one of the offices in the building so we can pop in and out to see each other everyday [OMG how fantastic is that!!!] & altho we already have lunch together everyday now he wont have to drive home as i am in the next office :D

smiles from such a happy trace xoxo

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