Sunday, July 17, 2011

the nightmare of plus size shopping

as i am going to Hawaii in under 2 months i thought i needed some pretty new clothes ..... and i just simply cant be bothered making any for myself
SO i have spent countless hours trawling the internet looking for cool, cute & purdy plus size clothes - WELL what a friggn nightmare that has been!!!!
i am used to being a generic size & no trouble finding cool clothes from vintage to handmade to regular old small sizes found anywhere..............but now i am fuller figured it has been a horrendous and soul crushing job to try to find sassy clothes!!
Gosh has it always been this hard for the plus size community to find gorgy clothes??? heck i simply cant believe it..... makes me want to lay down and sob for about a week!!!
I am sooooooooooooooo over clothes shopping... is not that i havent just bought some items but they are def NOT what i would love to wear [& they cost HEAPS] but more a make do back up incase i dont get around to making my own :(
Does anyone else know any great internet places for clothes for a curvy plus size girl???...if you do PLEASE for the love of my soul let me know!!!!!!!!

i did pick up this cute little number..... thought it had a cute vintage look to it & i will be adding stuff to it to make it more ME :P
i didnt indulge in these shoes but how friggn cute are they!!!

trace xo


  1. Couldn't you sew some clothes for yrself? The plus sized section is an eyesore. They think everyone needs to wear tents & synthetic fwbrics. I am borderline plus size. Yarra trail does occasionally hve decent cotton & linen items. I totally sympathise x

  2. oh i know i should Elaine....[motivation trace....motivation!!] i have just got to get my head around my rapidly expanding size cause crikey after spending days looking i have never seen such a vast array of yucky crappy clothes at inflated prices [inflated for what i think are possibly shoddyish mass produced garments] this plus size sucks, i wouldnt mind if i could get some funky clothes :(

  3. Hi Trace,,, Love the dress, It is very you and the shoes are devine.... Good luck finding some funky modern clothes over size 14,, I get so frustrated even buying a simple basic windcheater, the other day purchased a L off the rack thinking it would fit me, but alas it was too smug, when I returned it to see if I could get an XL... Noooooooo sorry we only go to a size L... So now I go to Ed Harrys and buy the mens windcheaters.. It very disheartening,, you would think in this day and age there would be more choice and style for real Australian women, the problem lies in all the imports from the Asian countries where the people are small... Sorry I don't know any where that has nice stuff for over size 14...

  4. OMG i love the asian ONE SIZE FITS ALL!!!!! are you kidding me!!!??? i have to laugh [or i would cry] cause they say one size fits an 8 thru to a 22 {now you know darn well that aint possible!!}

    I am just going to have to pull my finger out and start making sassy plus clothes......but need to do a mold of my body first cause my fitting mannequin only goes up to about a 16!!! [only a few sizes tooo small!!! hehehe]

    and yes i love the look of the red dress....might have to get a few if it fits all right [fingers crossed] ...killer shoes but i so couldnt justify the $210 price tag!!!!!
    I think i will splurge on a pair of cute 'Irregular Choice' shoes instead

  5. I can relate to the plus sized shopping... have you tried Torrid? - They have a lot too choose from. Found you through Pinterest, someone pinned the aqua dress form. LOVING your blog! Grabbed your button for my blog: Hope to see you there!

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