Monday, July 25, 2011

new photo booth

it is soooo exciting setting up a new photo booth at our new Studio :)

Frank made me a rustic tall stool that i added a granny square top to.... from my Mum i got 2 of her mums vintage items [a cute stool that i recovered in vintage fabric & a wee little glass top table]
Miss Julie has spray painted some cool vintage flying ducks...... Frank has also made a sturdy wallpaper backdrop with Vintage Patchwork curtains that i made hanging to one side  - all that and throw in some granny square cushions and vintage spray painted knick knacks and have one super cute & funky kitsch photo booth!!

now we simply to need to start listing some new items and away we gooooooooooooooo xo
But here is a sneak peak of the stools with some new items on them & also of the background :P

trace & julie xo

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