Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tutorial...gorgeous fabric wrapped coat hangers

What you will need:

• a pack of plastic hangers without hooks - my photo has hooks, so ignore that
• a stack of fun fabrics
• masking tape (not pictured)
What you will do:

• Cut your fabric into long 1"-1.5" strips. Leave the edges raw and a little frayed. Don't worry about being perfectly straight with these - it won't matter.
• Start anywhere on the hanger and tape the piece down to get yourself started.
• Continue wrapping tightly until you run out of fabric. Tape it down and start up again, always disguising the tape from the previous strip.
• When you get back around to where you started, tie your fabric off in a knot or bow and trim to desired length. You can add a little lace or ribbon to this spot for a little shabby knot/bow if you wish.


i am so looking forward to trying this out although my hangers do look decidedly different to start with but still your bog standard plastic hangers :P

trace xo

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