Tuesday, June 21, 2011


ok so this year i have tried to do more cooking...Frank started cooking all our meals early last year & while it has been great for him to take over i have found lately that i have craved some time in the kitchen.
So i started slowly with easy and quick dishes that i knew i could rest in between processes [i cant stand for long] ... thermomix & crockpot have been awesome tools :)

Tortilla Soup

Since getting the Pinterst bug i have been pinning great food dishes and slowly been going thru them and trying them out.............YUMMO - so many great dishes out there :D

I LOVE indian food the most but havent really tried making my own [other than super simple stuff] but i am also pushing myself to make Indian dishes even tho i am the only one who likes that type of food [more for ME hehehe]


Do you have any fav's that you can share??

smiles [with mouth full of latest dish tried]
trace xo


  1. I love the food ideas on pinterest,, I tried the roasted chickpeas and they would have been great if I didn't forget about them.. By the time I remembered they were in the oven they were very black...Opps
    I may have to try them again another time

  2. hehehehehehe oh you sound like me hon..... i am always burning things cause i get easily distracted LOL

  3. I would say your aloo methi is looking nice :)
    and congrats for the new office that you are going to decorate....wish u lots of luck