Monday, June 13, 2011

colds -YUK

oh heaven help my hubby as he has awoken with a cold & those in the know can tell you i am a coldaphobe & will do just about anything to not get sick with one!!!

Times like this i battle with the very real desire to turn and head for the hills to ride it out leaving poor man at home to care for himself...............mmmm makes me bad wifey me thinks LOL
But i be good nuturer and stay home & care for him.

I do spray him and house liberally with Glen20 & shove crushed raw garlic, mixed with peanut butter, into his mouth on a regular basis all whilst i wear the glamorous face mask
[i would wear full bio-hazard gear if i knew where to get it from......frank will tell you that i am NOT joking either hehehe]
I am even thinking i might go out and stay in the icebox otherwise known as the caravan!!

So prayers a plenty i do hope i can escape this nasty lurgy that frank seems hell bent on sharing with me [he heard some choice swear words from me this morning when i found out he thought last night he was coming down with a cold & yet he let me breathe in his yukky germs all night!!!! sheeesh!!!]

rug up and stay healthy,
trace xo

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