Monday, May 30, 2011


life is a funny thing....seems to be always changing or stuck on an endless cycle of repetition!! 

Life's fragility got me thinking that it was time to shake things up again.....maybe not a radical 180deg change but at least some vast improvements [i guess only time will tell if they are indeed vast improvements but i am ever the optimist LOL]

i will be taking more time out just for myself & family/friends this coming Financial Year - more days off to spend quality one/one time with my nearest & dearest - more fun & laughter - more adventure - more spontaneity - more relaxation :D

That is not to say that i don't want to do SBB much anymore - in fact i want to do it more than ever!!! 
i just need to make some major changes to make my dreams come true for SBB...... i simply refuse to go on operating it like i have as i swear it makes me sicker than i should be [very stressful] - something in my life had to give & organically change in order for me to carry on with my passion & yet live long enough to see my dream for sbb come true xo

So i will have time off in June to get myself rested enough to set up how i want my life to look - a designer life!!! [i like it]

Are you planning on making any big life changes this year?? care to share them??

always smiling,
trace xo


  1. I am sure your dreams will come TRUE for you xoxox

  2. hehehehehe bring it on i say xoxoxoxox