Monday, March 7, 2011


I am off to Hawaii in September for 24 nights!!! ... can't wait but do need to get ALOT healthier in able to go, so that is my mission for the next 6 months.
It has been on my BUCKET LIST for the last 5 months to go to Hawaii.......... i wish i could make a Time Machine & go back to Blue Hawaii days.............but too impatient to work that out so current hawaii will have to do!! {oh what a chore indeed lol}

I am working with a naturopath, dietician, accupuncturist & chronic illness specialist, so i have all the right people around to help me achieve this goal.
It does seem like i spend most of my time in the car travelling to these various people BUT i am hopeful that it will all be worthwhile in the end.

That is one reason that my sewing has GREATLY diminished while making jewelry has increased as i spend alot of time sitting & waiting which is a perfect time to crochet and make jewelry as i have a very portable setup....kinda hard to lug my sewing machines around to these appts  hehehehe

trace xo


  1. Love Elvis movies ... think I may just have to try and get my hands on one to watch this weekend! YAY about Hawaii - I am very envious!

  2. wow, that's just too cool! i somehow think i'll never make it to hawaii. all the best to you on getting healthier!

  3. Tracey ..... you were lost but now i found you !!!!! I was over doing my daily pinterest drooling and there was this necklace that my heart skipped a beat over. OMG ... i wrote does anybody know where I can get these .... then i saw the SBB and nearly died. Surely not ....... and yes, its Trace creating again, and creating the most DROP DEAD stuff. I am so glad you are better again and can I please please meet you so i can firstly give you a hug and secondly buy some of that to DIE for jewlery and headbands. Please email me .... !!!!! Love to you and your darling animals xo