Tuesday, February 22, 2011

greener pastures

every find yourself going thru Real Estate Listings online eventho you know darn well you wont be shifting???
Well i do........sucker for self punishment me thinks :P cause i know i couldnt get my family to shift for love nor money!!!!

But i dream of better things....greener pastures {literally greener pastures!!! as our farm is a DUST BOWL}
.... maybe some lush forest trees to look at, trickling & tinkling waters, wonderful birdlife that doesnt revolve around that darn sqwaking cocky that has decided to call our place his home {insert some swearing here as he is abit of a nuisance altho i do have a soft spot for him hehehe]
Maybe being able to go outside without being eaten alive by mossies no matter what time of day/night/year {really .... HOW???....it is barren here....where are they breeding!!??}

yeah yeah whinge whine!!!
but i do get some kind of perverse pleasure from whiling away some hours finding some awesome pieces of Real Estate somewhere in the world & then excitedly telling hubby that we simply must move there!!!
...to which he rolls his eyes & then puts up with me harranging him for the week with why we simply MUST MOVE TO THIS IDYLLIC PARADISE  {oh please i go the full dramatics darling.......the 'i am being suffocated in this dust' kind of thing hehehehehe}

Sad to say it never works as here i still am 20 yrs later :P
hmmmmmmmm maybe i might need to work on my persuading skills LOL as they obviously not much chop.

But i can't complain for too long as i am very blessed with what i have & i do mostly love it here :D
but please Frank can i spend some of our precious rainwater on a pretty GARDEN!!!??
......the vegie garden gets the attention it deserves but oh to be able to grow some flowers!!!

So until the next installment from Trace's Dramatic Theatre Company i will enjoy photos of this sweet & lush country house somewhere in Tasmania :} 
PS....this house has a creek with a bridge....a creek people, a CREEK!!!!
{hubby said...you want to uproot your whole family & shift there just cause it has a creek???!!!............HELL YES!!!}


Back to work girl.......smiles,
trace xo

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  1. My goodness it is idyllic so gorgeous and look at the upstairs rooms,, beautiful :)